Stilling Woods Homeowners Association

  Stilling Woods Entrance in Mchenry Illinois

Next board meeting August 20th at McHenry Bank & Trust, on Route 120 in McHenry.

2014 Stilling Woods Board:

Deborah David (2014-2015 Term)

Sandy Minor (2012-2014 Term)

Terry Howard (2012-2014 Term)

Wendi Trebacz (2012-2014 Term)

Lisa Maire (2014-2015 Term)


Lakemoor community safety suggestions (also on the community links page)

Use the Association Board email message form to submit your questions.

This site contain the following documents for members of the association.

Stilling Woods Covenants (in pdf format)

Stilling Woods Bylaws (in pdf format)

Stilling Woods Homeowners Association Meeting Agendas and Minutes


Ariel view of the neighborhood using Google Maps

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